Founder Chairman

Shri Malla Reddy, the most humble dynamic and charismatic founder chairman is a visionary who brought about a revolution in the field of education. He is the avant-garde in creating numerous avenues which made professional and technical education accessible to young aspirants. Under his esteemed leadership, the campus has grown by leaps and bounds to become a major learning center. He has established an education hub with 32 institutions including ‘Malla Reddy Tech City‘ and ‘Malla Reddy Health City‘ offering all the Medical, Dental, Engineering, Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Nursing  courses. It also includes two hospitals namely ‘Malla Reddy Hospital’ and ‘Malla Reddy Narayana Multispeciality Hospital’ each hospital with more than 1500 beds in it. The corporate hospital  under the same banner runs all the super specialty branches pertaining to health services.  The newly established ‘Malla Reddy Cancer Hospital and Research Institute’ is one of its kind with latest treatment available. His life has rekindled many lives by not only igniting their dreams but also by accomplishing them. He strongly believes that only quality education can bring across a positive change in the society.


To be a world class university visualizing a great future for the young aspirants, with innovative nature, research culture and ethical sensitivities to meet the global challenges improving the quality of human life.


  • To impart value based futuristic higher education moulding students into globally competent empowered youth, rich in culture and ethics along with professional expertise.
  • To promote innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development for the broad purpose of fulfilling societal goals such as societal welfare and benefit.

Leadership Team

These knowledgeable Intellectuals have carved a niche for themselves by their exemplary service in the field of both engineering and medical education. Their constant endeavour is to transform the young generation to become world class Engineering and Medical professionals with leadership qualities. They have endeared themselves to the society through their selfless service in the domain of healthcare. These highly dynamic personalities by their relentless pursuit of excellence have rightly earned the distinction of being top educationists in the Telangana State.

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