Electronics & Communication Engineering-Robotics

Malla Reddy University is offering B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering in Robotics specialization and the students will learn the methods and algorithms used to design robots and autonomous systems that interact safely and effectively in dynamic environments.

The course is relevant to many emerging fields, including self-driving cars and drones, robotic planetary exploration, aerial surveillance systems, and even the design and coordination of urban transportation networks and air traffic control systems.

The course provides an introduction to the multidisciplinary fields of engineering such as modelling of Mechatronics systems; microprocessor programming and interfacing; architecture of PLC; selection and implementation of sensors and actuators; and design of various application specific robots.

It is also expected that students will get a hands on experience through the use of Matlab and simulink to simulate robots or to build simple mobile robots or arms using simple motors and sensors.

Course Outline: The course starts with key definitions and concepts in robotics, different components that go into making a robot. Then the mechanical part of robotics is discussed which involves kinematics, motion planning, and dynamics of robot. The dynamics model is used for developing the controller of robot. Different types of sensors, actuators and control law are discussed for designing a robot.  

Salient features of the course are:

  • Decision-making systems for uncertain environments
  • Perception, planning, and decision-making
  • Optimal control and dynamic optimization
  • Autonomous learning
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