Entrepreneurship represents a vital source of change in all facets of society, empowering individuals to seek opportunity various sectors. The green shoots of entrepreneurship give an economy its vitality. They give rise to new products and services, fresh applications for existing products and services, and new ways of doing business.

Technology entrepreneurship as a style of business leadership involves identifying high-potential, technology-intensive commercial opportunities, gathering resources such as talent and capital, and managing rapid growth and significant risks using principled decision-making skills. Technology ventures exploit breakthrough advancements in science and engineering to develop better products and services for customers.

Entrepreneurs are essential drivers of innovation and progress. In the business world, they act as engines of growth, harnessing opportunity and innovation to fuel economic advancement. Social entrepreneurs act similarly, tapping inspiration and creativity, courage and fortitude, to seize opportunities that challenge and forever change established, but fundamentally inequitable systems.

An entrepreneur is a creator or a designer who designs new ideas and business processes according to the market requirements and his/her own passion. To be a successful entrepreneur, it is very important to have managerial skill and strong team building abilities. Leadership attributes are a sign of successful entrepreneurs. To acquire and practice evaluation skills are useful in consulting, advising, and making new venture decisions

This course enables MBA graduates to apply current concepts in entrepreneurship to the evaluation of entrepreneurs, their ventures, and the venturing environment to develop skills, including the capability to add value in the new venture sector of the economy.

Aim: – Encourage students to focus on starting and growing independent new ventures. It involves multi-dimensional analysing people and their actions together with the ways in which they interact with their environments, be these social, economic, or political, and the institutional, policy, and legal frameworks.

Learning Outcome: – This learning course will grant you the ability to develop an academic, critical, reflective and practical understanding of managing innovation and enterprise.

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