Inter – Disciplinary School of Honors Programs & Finishing Studies

Inter – Disciplinary School of
Honors Programs & Finishing Studies

Malla Reddy University intents to add new courses in tune with the New Education Policy and would offer liberal arts program in general education stream with an option for 4th year with specif program attributes as a parallel degree and also enable for a cafeteria approach in diversified interests to enhance graduate employability. Malla Reddy Univesity is pioneering in launching of ‘Honors Programs‘ and ‘Finishing Studies‘ to make the graduates highly sought after by the new age economy sector industries that contribute not only national prosperity but also global reach  

This inter disciplinary school offers a twin model with three levels each based on eligible conditions to provide experimental learning opportunities for diverse needs of career aspiring students. This school facilitates the highly innovative and holistic approach of continues improvement by linking the education to employment for new generation job seekers.



Honor’s Program provides an option with a flexible structure for technical, professional and general education streams, that is amalgamated with multi-mode and blended learning opportunity for acquisition of knowledge, skills and competency in new and emerging areas. The candidates with exceptional ability were encouraged to enroll for honors program to get clustered into an intellectual and creative community for societal advancements.



Finishing studies will enhance quality and standard of fresh graduates so that they become acceptable to the industry. This enables the innovations and flexibility in the curriculum to develope the market driven cources for economic prosperity. This will allow the students to work towards accessing and acquiring the required transferable skills to get employed and also promote the lifelong learning behaviors outside the formal settings.

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