Aim:  Enable the students to understand the importance of information systems in the decision making and management of organizations. The MIS provides students with proper balance of Technical information and Real-world Applications.

Learning Outcome: It is order of the day to learn about information and the way it flows in various organizations in present technical scenario. The subject exposure allows to assess trends in various business sectors and the pulse of the customers.

MIS lives in the space that intersects technology and business MIS combines technology with business to get people the information they need to do their jobs better/ faster. Management information system (MIS) plays vital role in internal controls, technologies, and procedures of a business to solve business problems such as in time supply, customer retention, costing a product, service or a business wide strategy.

As technology continues to change the way organizations do business, and solve business problems every day, knowledge of MIS is critical. The advantages of MIS allow up to date and knowledgeable in applying emerging technologies to achieve organizations’ strategies.

The concept may include transaction processing system, decision support system, expert system, or executive information system. The Key technical applications, software’s and tools such as e-commerce, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management systems, ERP etc., are necessary to understand and follow realities of different functions of the modern business environment with the analysis of various metrics.

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