Course Aim: It helps the students to enhance the knowledge about basic concepts of marketing, consumer behavior, and marketing mix elements.

Learning Outcome: It provides basic knowledge about better understanding of marketing, latest trends in marketing, conducting marketing research, experience from market and designing marketing mix.


This course will enable the students in learning the familiarity of basic concepts about marketing management. To understand the scope and core marketing concepts. It is necessary to understand market, its developments for finding out exact information regarding marketing to excel the business for a long run.

The students will obtain the in-depth knowledge about consumer behaviour, product related decisions. The students are able to learn about consumer behaviour and developing products. It is very tough to identify and analyzing opportunities in present trend marketing. It helps analyzing marketing opportunities which suits customer value with the help of different marketing mix concepts. (Case Study).

To enhance the knowledge about marketing strategies. The students are able to find out marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning. It’s a complete enumeration of market segmentation which describes customers market and business market. Identify the pulse of customers is very important of every business concern. So, find out target customers, evaluate, select and maintain a proper position in the minds of customer required.

To give knowledge about various marketing channels, promotional mix in marketing management. By studying this, students can understand types of distribution channels, elements in promotion mix. Organization responsibility is to make available of end product at customer doorstep and give a publicity to know the product in a better way. Different distribution channels help reaching products and various promotional activities help to know the products. Communication required conveying any message to end customer through proper channels.

To create awareness about pricing strategies, latest trends in marketing. The students gain knowledge about different types of pricing strategies and different forms of marketing. Organizations set price to sell products and services. So, strategies required to set different price levels. Now business follow go digitally to attract every customer attention towards products.

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