Innovations and inventions in techniques and in goods and services have stimulated the growth of the ‘knowledge industry’, and been stimulated by it. As a consequence, the environment of organizations has shown rapid and turbulent change and has led to new forms of competition and challenges to a business firm. Increasingly, strategic management has become crucial in the world of business and the ever uncertain environment and fast-changing world in which we live and work. 

Strategic management is one of the most upfront competitive tool in the context of the business analysis, hence the student will enhance their multiple skills in purview of developing organization competitive edge and sustain in any given competition.

The students will be able to understand how to scan internal and external environment of an organization, understand different types of strategies and structures, strategies of the competitors, turnaround strategies, global strategies and strategic control. With that knowledge they would be able to formulate strategies, change strategies if necessary and implement strategies.

  • The subject enables to introduce concepts of strategic management along with the environment analysis.
  • The students will be able to get basic knowledge about strategic management and how business is relates with the internal and external environment.
  • The overview of this subject is to understand how to formulate business level strategies. By reading strategic management one should be able to understand how to develop functional strategies to analyze the customer and competitor.
  • This will lead students how to develop corporate level strategies and understand the strategies relating to mergers and acquisitions.
  • The subject enhances to understand about global level strategies, the students will be able to understand the strategies relating to opportunities and threats from global context.
  • The students will acquire knowledge regarding to develop the strategies for organization structure and control, they also develop the practical approach to find how organization structure and control influence the strategies through several case study analysis.
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